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Timeshare CMO is located in the heart of San Francisco, steps away from Twitter, Uber, Yammer, and Pinterest. With experience and connections stretching from the early days of eBay to Y Combinator and 500 Startups companies, we can help you make sense of your marketing strategy and prevent costly mistakes.

How We Work

Flexible spend. When your business pivots, so does your marketing strategy. At Timeshare CMO, we don’t lock you into a contract that doesn’t adjust to your needs.

Marketing for your needs, not ours. If one of our marketing services isn't right for you, we won't recommend it. Simple as that. We won't run a playbook on you.

Reports aren’t enough. Powerpoints aren’t dumped on your desk and considered work at Timeshare CMO. We know how to actually do work, not just tell you what to do.

Learn from us. New marketing apps and strategies are always being announced. With our training program, we teach your team how to use the same tools we use. At Timeshare CMO, knowledge is shared, not hoarded.

Frank advice, real support. Running a business is hard, gritty, emotional work. Sometimes, just talking privately to an experienced Silicon Valley marketer who's been there, done that, can help you solidify your ideas and feel confident in your evaluations of the market, your company, and your competitors.



  Melinda Byerley, Founder

Melinda Byerley, Founder

After 14 years in Silicon Valley, most recently as a founder myself of a technology company, I know what you are going through: sleepless nights, anxiety about hiring and financing, the general feeling of not knowing what you don't know.  Whether it's digging into your Google Analytics code to fix a problem, creating a dashboard that actually helps your business, or thinking big picture about how to expand your markets and creatively drive acquisition, I've done it all, hands on. I can pick up the phone and talk to insiders at every major social media and marketing platform to get instant advice for your business. I've hand picked and trained a team of experts to execute the work you need, fast.

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  Scott Meehan, Managing Partner

Scott Meehan, Managing Partner

I'm a developer who likes marketers. The intersection of engineering, data, and consumer psychology drives me to find creative technical solutions to marketing and business problems of all kinds. For example, you might find me parsing a Regular Expression to get a goal just right, drilling into code and URL structure for search engine optimization, implementing an ecommerce or blog site, writing Javascript and CSS for A/B testing, or automating marketing dashboards for faster insight.

I believe technology should meet the needs of people, not the other way around. My Cornell degree in Science & Technology Studies taught me to how to analyze data with a critical mind and to dig deep, past the hype, to find the fundamental problem being solved. Marketing is about people, and I love bringing this experience to our clients, from big tech companies to small mobile startups.

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  Alijah Rubin, Data Analyst

Alijah Rubin, Data Analyst

I am a developer turned marketer. I grew up in San Francisco and am currently in my senior year at Columbia University. I started as a Computer Science major, but switched to an Economics major my sophomore year. My curiosity drives me and I’m always looking for the next problem to solve. This is why I love having a background in both Computer Science and Economics and working in the digital marketing world; it allows me to find and solve a greater variety of problems. Solving a problem is about understanding all aspects of the problem--what the problem is, why it’s happening, and how to implement a solution. On a typical day you’ll find me analyzing Google Analytics data, doing in-depth keyword research, managing content in Squarespace, or writing up reports.



What Can We Do For You?

Benchmarking eCommerce and SaaS metrics, platform selection, payments provider selection, funnel development, strategic advice. 


Google Analytics In-Depth
Code audits, training, dashboard creation, code implementation, event tracking set up, enhanced ecommerce tracking. We've helped businesses selling everything from software downloads to dolls to better track their performance.  


Marketing Tool Selection
What is the right marketing tool for the right job? Save time and money by having us tell you which will be best for your unique needs. 

Digital Marketing Strategy
Channel testing and selection, creative campaign design and execution, knowing what to ignore and what to focus on, tailored for your business.


Paid Ads Management
Adwords, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more.  Need someone to buy it, optimize it, manage it and/or report on it? That's us, too. Unlike most agencies, we'll also tell you if none of those are a good idea.


Content Marketing
From blogging to infographics to Reddit and LinkedIn groups, we can locate your customers and engage authentically with them.

Marketing Attribution
How effective is your marketing, really?  Rigorous code evaluation and in depth analysis to develop the right model to manage your spend. 


Social Media
We'll create unique, authentic social media campaigns, interact with your audience with grace and wit, and drive business results, including reporting and training your team on how to select and optimize the right channels.


Marketing Recruiting and Training
Need help separating the hacks from the growth hackers? Let us help you write job descriptions that attract the right marketers, do first round interviews and evaluate your staff. We can also train on just about any aspect of digital marketing.

Analytics Implementation
We can handle all of the technical aspects of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Adwords, etc, and do the dev work to implement it on your site, as well as all the testing to ensure that it's done properly and meeting your marketing needs.

Web Development
We're a bunch of techies and have in-house development skills, so we can execute technical implementations and changes and ensure that it's holistically integrated with your marketing strategy and business needs. Need a blog or other web work? Let us know.