7 Google Analytics Professionals and Evangelists You Should Be Following

Over 28 million websites use Google Analytics to track visits, downloads, conversions, e-commerce sales, and SEO efforts. Datanyze reports nearly 80% of the top 10,000 sites on Alexa use Google Analytics.Every day, website designers, CMOs, and small business owners rely on Google Analytics to justify the ROI on their websites and make important design decisions.

But even though Google Analytics is a huge platform that is relied on by the likes of Github, Twitter, Reddit, and Stack Overflow, it remains remarkably accessible. Much of that is attributable to its community of supporters who share a passion for using and talking about Google Analytics whenever possible.

Here are seven people you should be following to get the most out of your Google Analytics install.

1. Krista Seiden

An Analytics Advocate at Google, Krista deeply understands the world of Google Analytics. Her role includes testing and optimization in Google’s Enterprise group, as well as working with the Google Analytics team to improve educational materials and internal testing. Krista is also a regular speaker at conferences focusing on analytics, serves as a co-chair for the San Francisco chapter of the Digital Analytics Association, volunteers at The Analysis Exchange, and occasionally writes on her own blog.

Where she finds the time to do all of this, we are not exactly sure; regardless, Krista is a must-follow on our list.

2. David Sheffield

David Sheffield is a Senior Business Analyst at Sinclair Broadcast Group, supporting a team of digital analysts to discern what business decisions need to be made based on Google Analytics. David regularly shares content related to Google Analytics on Twitter. He is also an LSU grad who is the founder of Pigskin Nerd, a twitter account that tweets college football stats.

3. Joe Christopher

Known as the “Mr. Master of Everything Tech” at Blast Analytics, Joe has over 20 years of experience in the analytics space. He has also worked as an editor on two books in the analytics space: Adobe Analytics Classroom in a Book and Web Analytics Kick Start Guide — A Primer on the Fundamentals of Digital Analytics.

You can follow Joe on Twitter, where he regularly shares the latest tips and tricks on Google Analytics.

4. Brett Crosby

While Brett Crosby doesn’t talk about analytics as much as he used to, he is one of the reasons Google Analytics is the powerhouse it is today. Originally the founder of Urchin, which was later acquired by Google, he later became the Director of Growth for Chrome, Gmail, Docs, and Drive. Brett is now the founder of PeerStreet.

To learn more about where Google Analytics started, as well as a deep dive into the analytics space in general, Brett's big brother and cofounder Scott Crosby’s article on the origin story of Urchin is an excellent place to start.

5. Jill Van Nostran

Jill is the founder of MissionFound, where she gives digital marketing and analytics assistance to Christian-based organizations. She also provides a wealth of materials through her website and regularly tweets Google Analytics updates via Twitter.

6. Olga Tsubiks

A data visualization advocate, Olga is another must-follow on Twitter. As the Digital Marketing Analytics Manager at nModal Solutions, she builds and maintains data structures, as well as designing and developing automated data visualizations. Olga also offers Google Analytics templates for startups on her (awesome) website and a number of other analytics resources.

7. Anna Lewis

Anna Lewis is the Founder of Polka Dot Data and has over nine years of experience in Google Analytics. Due to her deep bench of knowledge, she has been a speaker at a number of analytics conferences, such BrightonSEO, SMX, MeasureFest, and MeasureCamp. Anna has also guest blogged on Econsultancy and Search Engine Watch.

More Google Analytics Resources

This is a short list that only highlighted some of the few truly great people working with Google Analytics daily. To find even more, consider following Google Analytics Twitter list “Women in Analytics” and “Google Analytics Certified Partners.”