We had struggled with Google Analytics for months, with reports that were clearly wrong and problems we couldn’t figure out how to solve on our own. In less than one week, the Timeshare CMO team audited our site and gave us clear instructions on how to fix it—all at a price that fit in our budget. Melinda and the entire team at Timeshare CMO get my highest recommendation.”
— Sue Sweet, CMO, Early Stage Silicon Valley Startup
Timeshare CMO’s deep knowledge of digital marketing enabled us to launch our first successful paid search campaign. Equally important are their understanding of the challenges and adventures of a young company. They interpreted our results, helped us clarify our options, and spend our limited marketing budget most effectively.
— Mary Ann Hill, Director of Marketing, Dragon Wing Girls, an eCommerce Apparel Site for Teens, North Carolina
[Timeshare CMO] managed to jump in and help us repair our tracking and ensure we had access to the right data at the right time. Also, they dug right in and helped us determine which forms of advertising were actually helping us move our needle, and which were duds. With their great mix of strategic and tactical understanding and skills, Timeshare CMO is a must-have for any startup who wants to know a) what is actually going on with their website, and b) what steps to take next in analyzing and acting upon that data.
— JC Murray, CTO, Peerlyst.com, a venture-backed security startup, San Francisco
[Timeshare CMO] is like oxygen for any start-up company - a foundational element. .. [They are] straight shooters, who had a positive impact on everyone.
— Matt Glenn, Founder and CEO Plantsense, A Venture-Backed Internet of Things Startup
Guy Kawasaki once said, “As a rule of thumb, one MBA can neutralize the efforts of five good engineers.” Melinda is one of those MBAs who beat the odds!
— Ron Lichty, Software Engineering Management Expert and author: "Managing the Unmanageable"
Melinda is by far the best marketing manager I’ve ever worked with. Her grasp of marketing and ability to connect marketing with sales and technology are outstanding.
— Michael Plotkin, Technology Executive, Ph.D in Computer Science